The Novak Family
The Novak Family Foundation was founded per the wishes of Mr. Gust Novak.  Gust was the last surviving member of the Novak family and was preceded in death by his father Dimitri, mother Efthalia, sister Julia, sister Praxy, brother George, and sister Victoria.  The Novak family owned and operated "George's Fruit Store" located at 1646 Broadway in Gary, Indiana.  The family was dedicated to their Greek Orthodox religion, their church, and their community for many years.  It was the wish of Mr. Novak to promote Orthodoxy through targeted grants which would help teach, guide, and strengthen the Greek Orthodox Church, the Greek Orthodox family, as well as helping the poor, hungry, and sick.   

        Father Dimitri Novak           October 20, 1881 - May 4, 1950

        Mother Efthalia Novak        October 26, 1886 - April 20, 1965

        Daugher Julia Novak          February 8, 1922 - August 11, 1979

        Daughter Praxy Novak       November 28, 1913 - September 3, 1982

        Son George Novak             April 23, 1916 - July 16, 1988
        U.S. Army Veteran - World War II

        Daugher Victoria Novak    October 7, 1923 - May 20, 2005

        Son Gust Novak                  July 7, 1925 - January 7, 2007
        U.S. Army Veteran - World War II

                                        May their memories be eternal.

Novak Family Foundation, Inc.
8000 Madison Street
Merrillville, Indiana 46410

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